42 Days of Journey on BSC

1 min readApr 17, 2021

ITAM Business Interim Report

ITAM has been in the center of attention recently, with a lot of good news announced in a short period of time. Although a few so-called “whales” have used this positive momentum to materialize their gains, we do believe that ITAM’s business model is currently being executed even better than initially planned. Here is the link to summarize the ITAM activities. In this interim report, you can see what we have achieved for 42 days, and feel how ITAM’s capability is advanced.

We’re aware that many loyal holders are worried right now and wondering about the future of ITAM. We would like to ease these worries by showing you the big picture we have in mind regarding the project. (A road map is releasing by April 18, 2021)

We do hope this will help you have faith that with time and support from our communities we will make happen the holders’ wildest expectations, and will keep announcing exciting news.