Hello. This is CUBE.

Updates have been made to stabilize CUBE services and improve usability.
You can find more details below.

■ New GNB menu added

  • New GNB “About” added.
    This menu provides an introduction of CUBE.



Hello Cubers!

2 weeks ago, we opened the CUBE-GBC pair pool to give CUBE token as rewards to those who provide liquidity into the CUBE ecosystem. And we saw a lot of interest from users so we are opening up another CUBE-GBC pair pool to give back more benefits to more users. But this time, the reward after 45 days of lock-up period has been changed from CUBE token to BUSD

This new pair pool will be open at 07:00(UTC) 18th Aug 2022.

Be on time and enjoy the rewards!




Hello. CUBE from METAVERSE World 😀
Today, we made some updates related to CUBE web login and web wallet.

Let’s Check about new Update👇

■ Cube website usability and UI updates

  • Menu category has been updated for accessing between menus on CUBE website.
  • CUBE PC launcher and CUBE wallet is downloadable from the CUBE website.