“Desktop-AMA” Session

2 min readApr 7, 2021

“Desktop-AMA” Session for ITAM: BSC users have shown a strong interest in ITAM. Here are the top 5 questions you asked on our official telegram. Transparency is a top priority for ITAM.

5 most asked questions

Q1. What is ITAM? How ITAM tokens are utilized in reality?

A1. ITAM is an ecosystem where all creation of painting, cartoon, fashion, and game is digitized by NFT platforms. Artworks of K-Pop artists and celebrities are minted on NFT platforms, and they will be traded on NFT.Farm. A new NFT mobile game, “Lime Odyssey” is going to be released on iOS and Android in 2H 2021. All NFTs and ITAM tokens are trading, staking and farming on BSC.

Q2. What is circulating supply of ITAM tokens?

A2. ITAM tokens of 0.65bn is in the market. The supply is strictly restricted by UPBIT; therefore, ITAM has no right to issue additional supply to the market unless ITAM is unlisted. Lastly, ITAM is identical on BSC and ETH. You can easily convert ERC20 to BEP 20 on the audited ITAM bridge.

Q3. Where to buy ITAM?

A3. There are 2 ways to buy ITAM. Here are the following links: (1) UPBIT (2) Swap platforms on BSC (eg. LaunchZone, CafeSwap , PancakeSwap)

Q4. What is the next business plan?

A4. Three services are in progress. As DeFi operators accept ITAM as a partner, ITAM is going to be listed on their dex or service platforms for trading, staking and farming. In addition, NFT platform will go live in May. You can meet ITAM NFT works. Lastly, a NFT mobile game, Lime Odyssey, will be published in July at max.

Q5. Why was there no activity on twitter and the other SNS?

A5. ITAM was a token to do its business only in Korea; however, we decided to expand and shift our business to BSC. Currently, all SNS is very active, and we have tried to communicate with holders.

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